IQVIA is a biotechnology company that delivers life sciences technologies using breakthroughs in insights, technology and human intelligence to deliver robust solutions that enable collaboration, agility and success for their customers. IQVIA wanted to build greater awareness around their expertise in life science technologies through a new brand campaign; one that would extend from concept video to social marketing to lead gen. It also needed to reflect the company's vision: To drive healthcare forward, inspired by potential and propelled by the possibilities. 
Working as an Art Director with ad agency JUMBOshrimp, I developed a campaign which leverages the graphic from the IQVIA logo. This visual element creates movement and depth as it interacts with and brings forward the subject (researchers, scientists and technology experts) while also streaming through their environment. The visuals are bold, modern, confident, aspirational and compelling. The client loved how this campaign elevated the IQVIA brand and visually reflected a forward-thinking company with a higher purpose.
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