NetApp Insight is NetApp’s annual technical and partner conference held in the U.S. and Europe and draws over ten thousand attendees every year. As the lead designer for NetApp Insight 2016, I created the overall design system and worked with other designers on our team to ensure the look and feel was consistent and cohesive. The design system needed to be high impact and in alignment with the Data Fabric Now messaging and also flexible in order to work across the hundreds of deliverables that would be showcased in both locations. The bold use of color and sweeping imagery paired with subtle white architectural patterns and textures brought the Data Fabric Now message to life and created vibrant focal points throughout the vast conference spaces.
We received an overwhelmingly positive response both internally and from customers on the overall design and execution. Together as a team we created over 500 deliverables which included digital banners, indoor and outdoor environmental graphics, wayfinding and directional signage, partner messaging, event merchandise, booth designs, badges, a customized phone app, and a wide range of printed collateral materials.
NetApp Insight 2016 Messe Berlin Entrance Graphics
Outdoor Signage at Messe Berlin
Briefing Center rendering (L) and actual Briefing Center booth (R) in Las Vegas
Hands-On Labs Booth in Las Vegas
NetApp Pavilion Booths in Berlin and Las Vegas
NetApp Insight App and Attendee Badge
Digital Banner Ads for Insight Las Vegas and Berlin
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